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From Skip Carter <>
Subject Re: Upgrading 1.8.2 to 2.0.3
Date Tue, 06 Aug 2002 21:13:21 GMT

> I have a product site using Cocoon 1.8.2. Now I want to upgrade
> to version 2.0.3, but hesitate somewhat, as I am not sure how
> much downtime I can tolerate when configuring the 2.0.3.
> Is it possible to have both versions in the same server, so I could
> prepare the new one before removing the old?
> Any advise what to consider when upgrading will be most welcomed.

  How you proceed probably depends upon how familiar and comfortable with
Cocoon 2 before you switch over.

  I just went through this process a couple of months ago, and I'd strongly
recommend running Cocoon 2 on at least a different virtual server (if not
on a different server altogether) until you get comfortable with the new design
and you have figured out how to move the functionality that you presently have
into the Cocoon 2 paradigm.


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