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From Torsten Knodt <>
Subject Re: TESTERS WANTED for ns prefix cleaner
Date Tue, 06 Aug 2002 18:53:07 GMT
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Hello Vadim,
> > Hello,
> > I've written my first transformer and now looking for testers.
> > It simply removes all unused namespace prefix declarations (xmlns:).
> > When I'm not wrong, far more than me have the problem of those. So I
> have
> > simply attached the source to the mail.
> I solved that issue very easily: because my site produces HTML only, it
> is Ok to remove *all* namespaces, thus I simply implemented start/end
> PrefixMapping methods, and start/end Element methods.
I also thought about it. But I didn't want to create wrong data, when I make 
something wrong in a xsl and have some elements left. Also when I generate 
vCard's in RDF, I need namespaces.

> Pros: It's *fast*
> Cons: Won't work if you want to leave some namespaces.
Surely right.

> Your solution:
> Pros: Detects and removes unused namespaces (AFAIU)
> Cons: High memory consumption and low performance.
Sure, because of the DOM.

> PS I see compromise here: you tell what namespaces you want to leave,
> and transformer removes all other namespaces. It's fast, (not-so)
> flexible, and memory efficient.
Like I said, I wanted to be sure to not generate wrong documents, because I 
forget something in a xsl. And as I only use it to produce static content, no 

With kind regards
	Torsten Knodt
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