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From Volker Renneberg <>
Subject Re: Resource Reader, broken pipe, large files
Date Tue, 06 Aug 2002 09:38:36 GMT

I found the problem. I still used the CachingStreamPipeline in cocoon.xconf. 
After substituting this by NonCachingStreamPipeline everything worked fine. 
Unfortunately the reader stuff will not be cached anymore. But with this 
configuration downloads are much faster than before.

Still I've a question about this. In cocoon 2.0.3 in the update notes it's 
been said that stream and pipelines components have to be moved into the 
sitemap (and removed from cocoon.xconf). But it's confusing that both parts 
are still in the cocoon.xconf-2.0.3-file. And there is just an example for 
the "pipelines" on how to move them into the sitemap.xmap, none for the 

<map:pipelines default="caching">
     <map:pipeline name="caching" 
     <map:pipeline name="noncaching" 

And finally this must not work because there is no such class 
"org.apache.cocoon.components.pipeline.impl.NonCachingProcessingPipeline" in 
the sources of cocoon 2.0.3. So how do I have to understand this update note 
or where do I have to put the information about Caching and NonCaching 
streams/pipelines. And how do I select those stream-components for readers?


> I've a problem with cocoon 2.0.3 (cataline 4.0.1). The resource reader (or
> catalina?!) seems not to be able to cope with large files. In my current
> case it stops downloading after 2105344 Bytes. I had this problem earlier
> but there around 16 MB.
> The log mentions a broken pipe-problem(long but complete, see below). Is
> there any solution to this problem or does anybody now why this happens?

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