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From Frédéric Glorieux <>
Subject Re: Xalan, xsl fucnction document(), caching ?
Date Fri, 30 Aug 2002 12:30:45 GMT
    Thank you all,

Some replies on different points

> I have improved performance by using an <xsl:variable> at the top of my
> and give it the value of document(...). Later on you just refer to the
> variable.

> It's a Xalan problem, it got a bugzilla id, but it's scheduled to be fixed
at dooms day ...
> In fact the result of document() are correct !!

I'm working with a top variable in xsl. I thought that it was in XSL spec
that an XSLT processor have to cache the content.

> Why don't you use saxon then?

We need to migrate on cocoon2.03 to use Saxon, now everything seems to be
correct in core.log.
But Saxon is more on matching, careful with your priorities in templates.

> Have you read this FAQ?
>Hmm. I can't understand why you can't include the content of the messages
file using map:aggregate. So you would replace document() with
> '/content_of_messages_file' and live happily ever after ...

We understand the good practice with xsp but look at this example:
I've got a complex xsp (logicsheet generated) wich agregate all my datas.
Displaying theese datas could need :
    different static set of messages to localize on params
    dynamic lists in case of edition
On an xsp working correctly and already compiled, it's probably better to
use document() function to get other infos wich are not part of the document
to show, to navigate, or to edit.

More discussions on theese points could begin on another thread.

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