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From Raúl Wild-Spain <>
Subject Q: resin & cocoon crashes continously!!!
Date Thu, 22 Aug 2002 08:36:19 GMT
Hi! I've installed latest Resin and Cocoon with java 1.4 and crashes at
all!!. Previously I had detected some explicit cases (SVG and catalog-demo)
but definitively my installation doesn't work properly.

I've followed the installation instructions for cocoon and java 1.4 and
Resin and as strange way when I copy xerces*.jar and xalan*.jar to the
/usr/local/java*/jre/lib/endorsed and try to initialize resin then it
crashes and says me (at the boot process):

- Server died unexpectedly.

Still more stranger: if I remove xerces and xalan from /lib/endorsed then my
resin work properly and I can launch some applications-example of  Cocoon
(the rest of examples launch java exceptions, but this is another way)

In the first case Into the log files I can see lines like these:

-- stderr.log ---

[2002-08-20 13:01:28.733] initializing application http://localhost:8080/cmp
(No such file or directory)

[2002-08-21 15:51:39.419] initializing application http://localhost:8080/cmp

[2002-08-21 17:02:42.433] initializing application http://localhost:8080/cmp
/org/apache/cocoon/components/language/markup/xsp/java/xscript-lib.xsl (No
such file or directory)

-- err.log --

[2002/08/16 15:35:26] default.xsl default.xsl

extra data: In my Resin the HOME_RESIN AND SERVER_RESIN are not equal but
it's indicated into the boot file (into the init.d). My OS is a
linux Debian.

What says your experience? I don't know what to do!!!

Best regards,


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