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From "Barbara Post" <>
Subject Form validator action question
Date Thu, 01 Aug 2002 17:22:11 GMT
Hello, it's getting late here (work time) so I get tired... ;-)

what's the best way using form validator action in my case ?

I use xml + xsl to generate an html form with fixed and modifiable input

When I submit form validator action checks the input fields' correctness.

If I want to show the errors on the initial form, I wouldn't be able to use
redirect-to since the form is generated by a complex process (request
parameters passed to my xsl to generate it).

I can't process my xsl again (not the same request parameters returned by
form validator action).

If I show the errors on a page and propose a "back" link, the user will be
able to return to the form and correct it without loosing anything...

Any better idea ? I see how this works with xsp but this would mess up my
sitemap it seems ?...

Thanks a lot. I have to use C. 2.0.3 so cannot have XForms... :-/


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