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From "Greg Jones" <>
Subject Transform/generate HTML tags with encoding
Date Fri, 23 Aug 2002 05:45:09 GMT
I need some help.

I have a form that a user can add HTML tags into. I.E. " <strong>This is
bolded</strong><table><tr><td> ..ect". 
When I retrieve the value from the request parameter:

It is returned, it is returned as" &lt;strong&gt;&#13;This is

I have tried to save the parameter to an output using the
SourceWritingTransformer but it just saved the file with the encoded

I have put a servlet filter on the front of the tomcat server to spit
out the parameter before it gets to cocoon and it is logging it
<strong>This is bolded</strong><table><tr><td> ..

So, I'm assuming the issue is with cocoon and the generator / xsp.

Does anyone know how to get this to be read by XSP as HTML tags and not
the encoded version?

I can't really search the archives for this since the results of the
archives saves stuff encoded so everything comes back as a result.

Thanks for any help.

- Greg

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