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From David Vos <>
Subject performance
Date Thu, 18 Jul 2002 18:41:03 GMT
I've been digging through the page, and I think I
finally understand most of it.  However, there are two points I haven't
figured out yet.  1. What does it mean by saying to "disable resource
reloading"?  2. How do you check if the documents are being loaded from
cache or being generated each time?

Also, I've been mucking around with this java memory management stuff.
In cocoon.xconf, I've set the heapsize to 536870912 and freememory to
5000000.  How do you pick a good freememory value?  The documentation
just warns me to not pick the wrong one.

I also set my CATALINA_OPTS to "-server -Xmx536870912".  What other
options do any of you set?  Any garbage collection values?

I am running Sun's jdk1.4 (binary),
tomcat 4.0.4 LightWeight (binary),
Cocoon 2.0.3 (binary).


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