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From David Vos <>
Subject Receiving blank pages.
Date Tue, 16 Jul 2002 14:11:38 GMT
We've upgraded our cocoon system, so now we are running cocoon 2.0.3
binary, tomcat 4.0.4 (LW binary), and Sun's jdk1.4 binary.

It seems to be running better now.  However, I'm starting to notice that
after a little while cocoon starts returning empty pages to the user
(i.e. "<html><body></body></html>").  I can make this go away by
restarting tomcat, but then it comes back.  I've had to restart tomcat 4
times this morning already.  I don't know if someone keeps visiting a bad
page or what.  I do know that this would happen when converting large xml
files to pdf (large being 8MB).  I've gone through the log files, and it
looks to me like things are going normally.  Cocoon will process the
request, apply the xsl, and return it (at least that is what I think the
log files are saying).

Also, tomcat often has trouble shutting down.  I wait a minute or two and
there are still a bunch of java processes that I kill with 'killall java'.  
This seems to happen less now that I've upgraded, but I think I've had it
happen a few times already -- usually after cocoon stops responding.


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