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From "Giuseppe Bonelli" <>
Subject advice on a simple architecture for xml versioning
Date Wed, 31 Jul 2002 12:51:17 GMT
Hi all,

I need advice on the various options available for building a simple versioning system for
xml files. I went through the list archives looking for pointers, but I did not find much
(apart from some very interesting, but old, conversation about cms implementation issues).

Very briefly, the issue is as follow.

I have succesfully implemented a very satisfying solution for client-side editing of xml files.
The edited files are saved on the server (as separate files with a timestamp in the filename)
by means of source write transformations.

The next logical step would be to process these files automatically in order to produce sort
of diff files to be used to present to the client various view of the edited content. 

The user's scenario is an editorial review process.

My research on the subject led me to the following (not much, I admit):

1. It does exist an XMLDiff utility (see, but it needs JDOM.
   Is anyone using it in a C2 environment ?
   Does exist some other alternative in the xml.apache realm ?

2. some vague hints on using XIndice as a back-end for an xml versioning system (forgive me
if I am wrong).

3. I have the impression that a CVS like system could be an option, but I don't know the details
of the system, so I cannot tell for sure and I am not able to evaluate the implications of
using it as a xml document based (vs. a code based) versioning system.

I think that a server side xml versioning tool for "documents" is something getting hotter
and hotter now that browser based xml editors are maturing and the option of let non-technical
people edit trasparently xml files is becoming a reality.

I am sure that quite a lot of people on this list has already done some thinking on the subject,
so I am asking to share any findings. 

I am realively new to this list, so forgive me if I am opening again an old thread.

Thanks in advance for any reply,


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