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From "Manos Batsis" <>
Subject RE: How to remove namespace declarations and prefixes?
Date Mon, 01 Jul 2002 12:18:37 GMT

> From: Reinhard Poetz [] 

> Is there a difference in performance - your solution compared 
> to a working
> "exclude-result-prefixes"-attribute?

Depends on whether you want to add a new stylesheet or modify the
existing one (if any). While on the second choice (using xsl:element
with local-name() in all templates that handle elements and attributes)
performance should not change notisably; essentially this and
exclude-result-prefixes do the same thing.

> Did you try it with Cocoon? If yes, which version do you use?

Nope I haven't.

> My stylesheet:
> <xsl:stylesheet
> 	version="1.0"
> 	xmlns:xsl=""
>    xmlns:f=""
>    xmlns:l=""
>    xmlns:cinclude=""
>    xmlns:dc=""
>    xmlns:rss=""
>    xmlns:rdf=""
> 	exclude-result-prefixes="f">

Yes, the above will only remove namespace prefixes bound to
To filter all prefixes out modify the exclude-result-prefixes attribute

exclude-result-prefixes="f l cinclude dc rss rdf"



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