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From "Morrison, John" <>
Subject RE: No-caching for SVG's
Date Tue, 02 Jul 2002 07:30:58 GMT
The only references I've found are here: (URL may wrap)

I've not used it myself.  If you need more specific information
ask on the dev list of the people involved in this thread.

If you do manage to get this to work, would you mind terribly if
I asked you to post a FAQ?



> From: Spectron International, Inc. []
> I'm using 2.1dev (HEAD?) and the browser is IE and/or 
> Netscape. I'm already
> using the <map:pipeline type="noncaching"/>.
> This works for the page but not the SVG inside the page. 
> Right now when I
> click on a link that will display an SVG it works, but if I 
> click 'Back' and
> then click on the same link again it changes the page 
> contents but not the
> SVG, I have to click on 'Refresh' to update the graph. Is 
> there a way to
> refresh the SVG as well?
> I read here, that if I sent an 'Expires' or 'Last modified' 
> header to the
> browser, the graph wouldn't be cached by the browser, and 
> that HEAD had the
> 'Expires' changes. I just want to know how to use Expires or 
> what should I
> do to add headers to the response in Cocoon. Should I make a 
> new serializet,
> can I use an action?
> Faw
> From: "Morrison, John" <>
> > I think you got drown'd in a thread war, sorry :)
> >
> > You don't say what version of Cocoon you are using or what
> > browser you are targeting.  The way around this (for the
> > latest cvs version of Cocoon) is to wrap anything you don't
> > want caching in a
> >
> > <map:pipeline type="noncaching"/>
> >
> > pipeline.
> >
> > Give it a try, it works for me ;)
> >
> > J.

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