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From Jason Foster <>
Subject Re: Design Assistance
Date Fri, 05 Jul 2002 21:37:14 GMT
Thanks for the various bits of advice.  Right now though, I'm stuck trying 
to prove that it's possible to use a cocoon pipeline to create a 
transformer.  What I have right now is:

		<map:match pattern="generate-html-driver">
			<map:generate src="style/test.xslt"/>
			<map:serialize type="xml"/>

		<map:match pattern="generate-html">
			<map:generate src="content/test.xml"/>
			<map:transform src="cocoon:/generate-html-driver"/>
			<map:serialize type="xml"/>

This does *not* work.  However if I do:

		<map:match pattern="generate-html">
			<map:generate src="content/test.xml"/>
			<map:transform src="style/test.xslt"/>
			<map:serialize type="xml"/>

Then everything works fine.  I have been looking at the source to 
slash-edit and can't see anything all that out of the ordinary.  I am using 
a fresh checkout from HEAD.  The error messages are stunningly not helpful,
  as all I can tell is that there is a Null pointer assignment while setting 
up the caching pipeline.

Any suggestions as to how I can debug this problem would be greatly 
appreciated.  I have also noticed that error messages don't seem to be 
working all that well, given that the only error I ever see is a 404.

The good news is that I have successfully proven that I can use one 
stylesheet to generate another.  Unfortunately right now I can't call it :

Jason Foster

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