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From "Albert Cervera Areny" <>
Subject i18n key generation with xalan
Date Mon, 29 Jul 2002 10:10:19 GMT
I've got a problem trying to generate the i18n key files with xalan. I
use the following instruction

xalan -IN login.xml -XSL merge.xsl -OUT login_es.xml -PARAM mode keys
-PARAM new-lang es -PARAM keep-lang ca

as specified in the i18n information. Obviously with the correct
merge.xsl file. However, the generated file login_es.xml is exactly the
same as login.xml. It'd say it has to do with xalan not using the
parameters (I realised this with other testings) but I can't believe
xalan doesn't use params. It's strange.

Xalan version is 1.2.0

Has someone had the same problem? Any ideas may help!


PS: Sorry, if it's a matter of xalan and has nothing to do with cocoon.
I'd post it in xalan users list if so.

Albert Cervera Areny
Dept. Informàtica Sedifa, S.L.

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