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From Simon Price <>
Subject Re: how to use a checkbox with DatabaseUpdateAction
Date Thu, 25 Jul 2002 13:27:37 GMT
Thanks Christian. I'll look into this. My fallback plan is to write a 
logicsheet in XSLT/ESQL to do the same as the DB actions but at a higher 
level. What I'm trying to end up with is an XForm-like way of writing 
(simple model) forms but without having to write any java. For many 
simple applications, this is all lots of people would need (I think).



Christian Haul wrote:

> On 23.Jul.2002 -- 09:36 PM, Simon Price wrote:
>>Is it possible to get DatabaseUpdateAction to write, for example, 'Y' or
>>'N' into an SQL column according to whether a checkbox is checked/unchecked?
> You could have a default for this column of "N" - but since the
> parameter is not present (-> null) the DatabaseUpdateAction will
> insert a NULL into that column. No luck.
> You could use DatabaseUpdateAction from the modular package
> (scratchpad in 2.0.3, trunk in 2.1-dev) and wrap this column with a
> default module. 2.1-dev has such a module (DefaultsMetaModule), while
> 2.0.3 does not. This is because the signature of InputModules has
> changed slightly and 2.0.3 is bug-fix only.
> It should be easy to backport a module from 2.1 to 2.0.3 as the basic
> difference is the use of the objectModel instead of Request.
> 	Chris.


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