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From "Andrew C. Oliver" <>
Subject Re: Excel generator
Date Wed, 24 Jul 2002 11:30:20 GMT
>> but to be honest i dont know any better solution than gnumeric. and 
>> at least
>> the solution is symetrical gnumeric->excel->gnumeric.
> Yup. And XSLT files for easy conversion to the Excel format.

Okay thanks to all.  I'm convinced we made the right decision 
originally.  I wasn't sure at the start, everytime I'd describe this 
architecture I'd get "Why didn't you go with Excel XML format" -- but 
its nice to know that not only are people using the serializer at this 
point, but that they prefer the gnumeric format (as yucky as it is) for 
various reasons.  Good to know it was the right decision.

So Ken, while I don't want you to do it right now, because I think you 
have too many potatos in your donkey cart (picture Ken pulling a donkey 
cart with a bunch of potatos in it), what would it take to start moving 
this to Morpohos?  It seems the majority of people using this at the 
moment are using it outside of Cocoon.

I'll help (as soon as I move some potatos off my donkey cart) if I can, 
but I don't have enough Avalon/non-cocoon-xml-serializer experience to 
do this myself, nor do I have a clear picture of the plans for Morphos 

I would suggest a seperate mailing list for this, perhaps on krysalis in 
addition to the commons mailing list, as there is no way in hell I'm 
subscribing to the commons mailing list ever again because the volume is 
soooooo great that it would triple my current email volume and probably 
bring my ISPs flaky email server down anyhow!
Others probably feel similar.

 From there we can plan an approach for the generator.  It would 
probably be faster too, my patches get applied too slow to work on it 
very efficiently here. (no offense)


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