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From "Andrew C. Oliver" <>
Subject Re: Excel generator
Date Tue, 23 Jul 2002 18:59:18 GMT
>Yes, and it may be good to provide a standard "out of the box" stylesheet
>that does this.
Well we do have some samples, but its been limited at the moment by kind 
of a chicken and the egg scenario.  The serializer is there, the samples 
are there but we can't more because we don't have any usage scenarios 
except for mine (translation: lots of people are using POI but few 
people are using the serializer).  But that may in itself be the reaons 
that we don't.

Are you using the serializer?  For what?  how?  

...and then bug reports and requests could drive the development a bit more.

>>Yes so the question I guess is assuming you can transform it 
>>via XSLT to 
>>whatever you like given the effort.  What format (XML tag 
>>format) makes 
>>most since?  Preserving the gnumeric compatibility?  A custom format 
>>that makes more sense?  Striving for Excel 2000 XML format 
>>Currently the serializer shares the gnumeric tag language.
>I haven't been able to find the current gnumeric tag language documented
>either at, or at the poi site at jakarta.  If the new native Excel
>  (Just reappeared after 
being gone for awhile, I'll put this in the docs soon)

>format is great, that'd be worth considering, but I don't see much of a
Well it actually kinda sucks and is probably hard to hand generate.  It 
probably actually sucks more than
the Gnumeric format, but it more cleanly maps to the file format.

>reason that it would matter what the intermediate format is - you either
>want to go from an excel spreadsheet or to an excel spreadsheet (or both),
>but what it is in the middle doesn't matter much (except for those writing
>any transformation process in the middle).  The only vote for the new native
>excel xml would be that the total universe of people who will be familiar
>with it will likely vastly out number those familiar with gnumeric.
Great feedback.  I appreciate it!



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