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From Alexander Schatten <>
Subject Re: Modifying an xslt stylesheet before utilisation.
Date Thu, 18 Jul 2002 19:41:56 GMT
Rogier Peters wrote:

> the trick you're looking for is:
> <map:transform src="stylesheets/element.xsl">
> 	<map:parameter name="use-request-parameters" value="true"/>
> 	<map:parameter name="path" value="{1}/{2}"/>
> </map:transform>
> The parameter use-request-paramaters will (almost) automatically make the request parameters
available as normal xsl:parameters. Almost, because you then have to define those parameters
in your xsl (of course)

just an additional question:

I understand what the first line does

<map:parameter name="use-request-parameters" value="true"/>

I used this already, but what is the meaning of the second line?

<map:parameter name="path" value="{1}/{2}"/>

could you be so kind and explain this a little more deeply? thank you!!


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