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From Sven Kitschke <>
Subject Problems with internal redirection: empty output using a reader
Date Thu, 18 Jul 2002 10:33:29 GMT

  win98, tomcat 4.0.4, cocoon 2.0.3 (binary dist), jdk 1.3.1_02

  I got problems with the internal redirection, readers ...
  In the most cases i get only empty output if I use a
  reader in conjunction with internal redirection.
  I've tried to produce a simple test case, but i'm not
  quite sure, the error is not produced always - I'm
  a little bit confused.

  <map:match pattern="hello1.html">
   <map:read mime-type="text/html" src="cocoon:/hello.html"/>

  Is it known? Have I something missed? A bug?

  Use a generator-serializer combination instead.

  <map:match pattern="hello2.html">
   <map:generate src="cocoon:/hello.html"/>
   <map:serialize />

Testcase (dropped into mount/fail):
  hello-page.xml (from docs/samples)
  simple-page2html.xsl (from stylesheets/page)
  sitemap.xmap (attached)

In detail:
If I call
http://localhost:8080/cocoon/mount/fail/hello2.html or
there are never problems.

But if I call
often or in most cases i get an empty output!

I have tested (stopped tomcat, deleted work and restarted tomcat):
  compiled and interpreted sitemap,
  change default generator "file-no-label" to "file" and back -
  sometimes with success,
  deleted the browser cache,
  and so on, and on ...
  copying and touching hello-page.xml: works, works not, works, ...
Can this be? OK. I will test it.

HTH and thanks in advance, Sven.

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