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From Sven Kuenzler <>
Subject [OT] SOAP/ XML on PocketPC (was: Re: Cocoon as an application server)
Date Sat, 13 Jul 2002 15:09:30 GMT
Leszek Gawron wrote:

> 2. Using XHTTPRequest component from MSXML library I'm sending this data to
> cocoon server.


> I am not able to use SOAP because Pocket PC platform does not have a good one
> ( .NET Compact Framework is still beta and PocketSOAP won't even run on
> Emulator - I think they cannot be considered as a good basis for reliable
> software).

While PocketSOAP does not run on PocketPC 2002 emulation, I am using it 
on PocketPC 2002 and HPC Jornada devices w/o any problem.

However, I am using it in order to transfer DOMDocuments. This means 
that I  serialize the document as &lt;escaped/> String parameter that 
needs another parsing at the server side.

Thus, I am curious about your XMLHTTPRequest approach. I thought these 
components where available on MSXML 3.0 and upwards, while WinCE 3.0 
still includes MSXML 2.5!? Does the component on WinCE support HTTPS and 


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