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From "Andrew C. Oliver" <>
Subject Re: html entities and xsl
Date Fri, 12 Jul 2002 15:04:07 GMT
This sounds pretty specialized in one way and generic in another.  The 
problem being is that the insertion point is
content specific.  Meaning you'll need to at least insert some kind of 
tag into the file.

 From my limited understanding this is something that Velocity is pretty 
good at (provided you insert some kind of velocity tag).
 From my understanding Cocoon has a velocity generator that is nearly 
completely undocumented (but provided you could grok
velocity (, I'm betting you could 
figure out the generator 

A few alternatives come to mind off hand:
1. Write generators/transformers for cocoon that are content/style 
specific (which I bet you'll still have to put tags in the HTML)
2. Find a way to use the Velocity generator and add the tags
3. Work with your content-management group (assumption) who maintains 
the HTML, come up with something that is XHTML based and perhaps 
transitional.  They'll gain some new skills that they may value, and 
you'll get something cleaner.  You could probably
create a few not wonderful (from an achedemic standpoint) xml 
stylesheets that left you with seperation between your data and the 
(barely xsl) xhtml page without requiring them to become xsl geniuses 
overnight.  Basically have a big block of html with some xsl copy 
statements in it at the appropriate places.  Later you can move to 
greater seperation of data and style as the group picks up your
xml/xsl skills.

Or thats my thinking.  Someone please step in and correct me if I'm off 



Albert Cervera Areny wrote:

>  I suppose this is a usual question but i've not been able to find its
>  answer so far... how can I use html entities inside an xsl?... In fact I
>  have an html file (not created by me) in which I have to insert dynamic
>  information which cocoon will generate. The thing is thus that I'd like
>  to leave the html (not xhtml thow i've converted into it) file untouched
>  and insert data inside...  Any easy solutions? or at least... dose somebody know how
to resolve the
>  entities problem?
>  Thanks in advance!

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