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From Werner Guttmann <>
Subject Re: Réf. : Re: cocoon jaxme transformer! (Othman Haddad)
Date Fri, 05 Jul 2002 11:38:18 GMT

I'd be very interested to start using this new transformer in our
projects, as we are using Castor XML already in various places.

Knowing how Castor XML works in terms of (un)marshalling, can somebody
please confirm that the CastorTransformer would convert the XML created
by Castor to SAX events using an XML parser ?

It's not that I am particularly concerned about speed as most of our
documents would be sufficiently small, but I'd love to understand how
this has been implemented.


Othman Haddad wrote:

> hi,the documentation of CastorTransformer you can find it in the
  sources of Cocoon2.02 in the
  repository:cocoon-2.0.2\src\scratchpad\webapp\samples\castor\doc but
  anyway here it is a short description:"With this transformer, a
  Bean that is stored in the session,Sitemap, Session, Request or
  the Conext is marehalled to XML and inserted in the SAX stream at
  a given position" . thanks for your help
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  De : Jochen Wiedmann
  Date : jeudi 04 juillet 2002 22:30:30
  A :
  Cc : Othman Haddad; cocoon user list
  Sujet : Re: cocoon jaxme transformer! (Othman Haddad)
   Hi, Othman,

  > i'm trying to use the CastorTransformer to generate javabeans
  with cocoon=
  > 2
  > but i rather prefer the jaxme approach for javabeans generation
  > an xml file because i find that they can be more useful than
  > castor ones..

  > so my question is: is there any cocoon-jaxme user
  > there, and is it possible to write and use a kind of
  > jaxmeTransformer in cocoon2?

  I have worked with Cocoon in the past and really like it.
  A marriage of Cocoon and JaxMe seems very promising, as
  both are dedicated to SAX, for performance reasons.

  Unfortunately you do not add any hints what the CastorTransformer
  precisely is and a quick search through Altavista didn't give
  me a clue. May be you should explain a little bit more?



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