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From Alexander Schatten <>
Subject Re: PLEASE, PLEASE document the installation correctly!!
Date Thu, 04 Jul 2002 13:46:39 GMT
Morrison, John wrote:

>>browsing the sitemap file, I found, that there are obviously 
>>NO samples, 
>>only the standard documentation. so trying to connect to
> Which sitemap did you browse?  The final sitemap is built
> dynamically by the build process.


> Is true only if:
> 1) you are running a servlet engine on port 8080 and
> 2) you have cocoon mounted as /cocoon
> *Neither* of which have to be the case.  How can we document all
> cases when most people appear to have problems with their
> servlet environment?

no, I am sorry, you definitly miss the point: I have no problems with 
some special scenario or some exotic servlet environment:

(1) I do install tomcat 4.04 (as described in the cocoon documentation)
(2) I do install Cocoon 2 (as described in the cocoon documentatio) step 
by step
(3) **it does not work.**

that is the point.

>>There was such a long thread about the cocoon documentation a 
>>few days 
>>ago. I think the MOST important thing, I repeat the MOST 
>>important thing 
>>is, that the installation is documented properly. because if 
>>a new user 
>>is not even able to install cocoon, he or she will quit immediately!!
> It was probably correct when it was written.  Please help keep
> it up to date.

this is what I do here!

>>-- the xerces lib is not named as described in the docs
> xerces (and other dependant jars) change their names *slightly*
> very often.  It is often assumed that people can figure out that,
> seeing xerces-2.0.2.jar is just a more recient version than the
> documented xerces-1.0.2.jar (or whatever the versions are).

yes, but it is not calles xerces-versionnumber.jar but xerces-impl.jar

> You're welcome, but questions (in the form of a patch ;) for
> the FAQ and patches to the documentation (you've listed some
> above) would help tremendously.



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