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From "Anthony W. Marino" <>
Subject Re: checking out xml source from CVS?
Date Mon, 29 Jul 2002 23:33:52 GMT
I subscribed earlier today.


> Anthony W. Marino wrote:
>  > How mature and/or feature complete do you consider Forrest.  Or put
>  > another way, when do you see a beta release of some sort?
> hm
> since Forrest is Cocoon-based, it means it will remain alpha for
> plus-minus 2 years, being discussed on forrest-dev solely and will only
> be released in beta when it has a feature set that baffles people who
> haven't been following the project since the beginning :-)
> seriously: work is planned on the DTDs, but what is out there is pretty
> good (if I can say so), the main skin is really almost finished, the
> sitemap will need some cleansing over the next two weeks, but other than
> that, I was planning to send some 0.1 alpha release mail before I leave
> for holidays (Aug 10th)
> if you are on a lookout for some tarball, don't bet your future on it:
> it will just be an archive of the CVS repository
> a lot of features aren't tackled yet, mainly project metric stats,
> packaging forrest for local project runs, and 42
> so it really depends on what you want and what feature you would exactly
> be depending upon
> don't be afraid to visit us at and step
> forward with your specific questions - we are facilitating technology
> and depend heavily on user involvement
> HTH,
> </Steven>

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