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From icewind <>
Subject Lucene, CocoonIndexer
Date Fri, 12 Jul 2002 15:48:14 GMT
	I have created an index of some XML documents but I'm
not thrilled with the way the index is built. Text
appears to get indexed with the innermost XML tag it
is found in. For example, if I had a fragment like the

   <person>Alice's</person> guide to the great novels
	    of the <date>1800's</date>

and I then used the following search term:
"title:Alice" or "title:1800", I would not get a
match. I would need to search for "person:Alice" or
"date:1800" respectively.
	Since all the tags within the <title> tag contain
text that are clearly part of the title, I want a user
who is searching through the collection to be able to
do title specific searches that match any word within
the title tag, regardless of whether it has other XML
tags wrapped around it.
	Has anyone run into this issue? I'm not sure how to
go about implementing what I want. Is this something I
could do in Cocoon, or would I have to modify
something in the LuceneXMLIndexer component?

	Suggestions appreciated. I imagine someone has run
into this and has already come up with a workable

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