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From Christian Haul <>
Subject Re: ESQL QUERY
Date Fri, 12 Jul 2002 11:25:24 GMT
On 12.Jul.2002 -- 10:33 AM, Carlos Maté wrote:
> This is what I can see in core.log
> DEBUG   (2002-07-12) 09:25.27:279   [core] (/sg/perfil:administradorn/NuevoMotivosSolicitud)
Thread-197/FrmMotivosSolicitud_xsp: esql query:
> DEBUG   (2002-07-12) 09:25.27:284   [core] (/sg/perfil:administradorn/NuevoMotivosSolicitud)
Thread-196/FrmMotivosSolicitud_xsp: esql query:

Interesting: two different threads!

> And in the sitemap...
> <map:match pattern="NuevoMotivosSolicitud">
>       <map:act type="form-validator">
>         <map:call resource="portal">
>       </map:act>
>       <map:call resource="portal">

What version of Cocoon are you using? Do you use the treeprocessor? How
does the "portal" resource look like?

I suspect the sitemap to be responsible for the problem you see. Change
the second call to another resource and see if you find both resources
executed in the log.


Please follow up summarizing your problem and which suggested solution
/ information worked for you when you consider your problem
solved. Add "SUMMARY: " to the subject line. This will make FAQ
generation and searching the list easier. In addition, it makes
helping you more fun. Thank you.

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