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From Skip Carter <>
Subject Re: mod_webapp or mod_jk?
Date Tue, 09 Jul 2002 18:21:05 GMT

> I've found a nasty problem with mod_webapp (Apache 1.3.24, Tomcat 4.0.4b3): sometimes
(say, 5% of requests) the communications
> between the two servers (the web-server was on a Solaris box, the application-server
on another Solaris box) went down.
> This problems disappeared when we used mod_jk.

  Considering that I recently switched over to mod_webapp from mod_jk this is 
scary to hear
  (so far I have not noticed this problem with Apache 1.3.26, Tomcat 4.0.4b2 
on Linux).

> About the second question, you have some options, which are reported in the 2.0.3 FAQ:
> 1) Use mod-rewrite for an all-apache solution
> 2) Set cocoon as the root context of Tomcat (and redicte every root request to Tomcat,
of course)
> After a long soul-searching... I chose the latter :)

  I am also doing #2, (with mod_webapp so the apache conf file has a
  WebAppDeploy cocoon   warpConnection /   for the virutal host).

  But I have one question that somebody may have a suggestion for.

  How do I support legacy CGI ?

  I am currently doing this with a sitemap entry to redirect to a virtual 
Apache server
  that is specifically for the purpose of handling cgi:

       <map:match pattern="cgi-bin/*">
               <map:redirect-to uri="{1}"

  This works, but is there a cleaner way ?

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