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From Christian Haul <>
Subject Re: Feature of esql:get-xml?
Date Fri, 05 Jul 2002 08:12:12 GMT
On 05.Jul.2002 -- 02:40 AM, Michael Wechner wrote:
> Dear Group
> I am starting to use hsqldb for some parts of Wyona.
> I had problems returning XML/XHTML from a table field,
> for instance
> DESCRIPTION : 'Cocoon is <emphasize>great</emphasize>'
> when I used esql:get-xml then I just received nothing, resp.
> <description/>
> but when I embed the "mixed content" within some XML tag:
> DESCRIPTION: '<para>Cocoon is <emphasize>great</emphasize></para>'
> then everything is fine.
> Is this a feature or did I miss something in the documentation?

It needs to be well-formed XML. But you can add a root element:

<esql:get-xml root="root"/>

And suddenly you're OK :-)


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