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From Christian Haul <>
Subject Re: strange database problem
Date Tue, 02 Jul 2002 15:21:15 GMT
On 02.Jul.2002 -- 04:05 PM, Leszek Gawron wrote:
> > It is the very same jadozoom driver. I cannot tell if the performance
> > degenerates but I think not. The difference is significant though.
> > 	ouzo
> here are some timings taken from cocoon log:
> version somewhere round 2002.04.20
> INFO  HttpProcessor[80][4]/CocoonServlet: 'xspxml/cdn' Processed by Apache Cocoon 2.1-dev
in 270 milliseconds.
> version 2002.07.01
> INFO  HttpProcessor[80][4]/CocoonServlet: 'xspxml/cdn' Processed by Apache Cocoon 2.1-dev
in 460 milliseconds.

That looks bad, indeed. I will have a look at it but it will take some
time to reproduce these values (gimme a week or so). I take your word
for it that you haven't changed anything else around it like move the
DBMS to another machine, upgrade your network, CPU, RAM, JDK, JDBC
driver or anything else.

However, I will not be able to test against your setup and use a
different DBMS / OS / JDK / Servlet-Container.

It would help to have some more information on the table, like number
and type of columns, number of rows.

If you care to do some experiments yourself, the ESQL stuff is fairly
self-contained and does not depend on other changes in Cocoon. Thus
it's only o.a.c.c.l.m.xsp/Esql*.java and

The resulting java code produced from your XSP should be fairly
similar with both versions, actually. 

The main difference should be the introduction of various switch
statements to select different results. Those are outside the
retrieval loop and so should not account for a big slow-down.

The other major difference should be, that the current version does
not check for another result set while the older version did (in a not
JDBC compliant way - that was changed to be compliant and later

Other things happend in the grouping / CallableStatement support which
should not be used in your case.

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