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From Christian Haul <>
Subject Re: cocoon xternal parametrization
Date Mon, 01 Jul 2002 11:06:44 GMT
On 01.Jul.2002 -- 02:16 PM, KOZLOV Roman wrote:
> Hello,
> Is it possible to externally parametrize sitemap ?
> Problem is : there is external (to cocoon application) storage of xml
> and non-xml data located in same filesystem. Currently it's referenced
> in sitemap by
> specifying relative path (from sitemap.xmap file to storage) and the
> references are quite numerous. So it is not flexible in case the storage
> location
> changes.
> The final goal is to customize application settings without interfering
> the sitemap.xmap file, changing one line in some other file
> (xml/property/any
> other). So, is there a way to specify parameter to sitemap externally to
> use it like {1} or {STORAGE_PATH}etc. Via properties of cocoon , via
> sitemap/xconf
> file details?

In CVS HEAD there's support for using InputModules directly from
sitemap(*) using a rather similar syntax "{module-name:parameter}" You
could now implement a component implementing the
o.a.c.c.modules.InputModule interface to access these parameters. 
This interface is very simple and implementing it should be trivial.

(*) only with the interpreted sitemap aka "treeprocessor"

In 2.0.[23] InputModules exists in the scratchpad area, but the
sitemap syntax mentioned is not available.


Please follow up summarizing your problem and which suggested solution /
information worked for you. Add "SUMMARY: " to the subject line. This
will make FAQ generation and searching the list easier. In addition,
it makes helping you more fun. Thank you.

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