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From Christian Haul <>
Subject Re: Redirect to referrer
Date Mon, 01 Jul 2002 07:25:21 GMT
On 01.Jul.2002 -- 09:01 AM, Shaw, Chris wrote:
> Thanks (again) for the's taught me some new things that might
> come in handy later on.

You're welcome.

> But in the short-term this doesn't solve the problem - when re-directing it
> means that all the values in my Request object are lost, so when I use
> <xsp-request:get-parameter> in my XSP page I don't get any data.
> Unless there is a magic tag to include them in the re-direction, I will have
> to go along with your original suggestion....

Sorry, that is not possible.

Redirect-to send a redirect message to the client which in turn loads
a new URL (have a look at the URL line of your browser!)

  client                 cocoon
    -----request A-------->
    <----redirect to B----
    -----request B-------->
    <----response for B---

Therefore you'd need to store the data in a session or encode it into
the URL. There are might be an action for this.
(There's at least a "TestAction" in scratchpad, that copies all
parameters from a given InputModule -- e.g. request -- to a given
OutputModule -- e.g. session -- that will help. OTOH that was created
to test and illustrate those modules and is not tuned performancewise.)

Calls OTOH work like

   client               cocoon
     ----request A------->
     <---response for A--

Thus parameters are available.

In CVS HEAD a new concept exists, a flowmap/script that makes it way
easier to express such flows. But it is at best alpha.


Please follow up summarizing your problem and which suggested solution /
information worked for you. Add "SUMMARY: " to the subject line. This
will make FAQ generation and searching the list easier. In addition,
it makes helping you more fun. Thank you.

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