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From F Baube <>
Subject Re: Giving up! Cocoon too big, slow and confusing
Date Fri, 28 Jun 2002 08:49:10 GMT
thusly spake David Crossley:
> It amazes me that people have the time to compose email
> to the mailing list to tell us that they are too busy, 
> and then have the hide to tell us that documentation is poor.

Writing can be fast but submission + acceptance + check-in is not so 
straightforward.  how about a model more like some kind of production 
line ?

If someone volunteered to accept (and critique) (and organise) small 
 submissions of a page or two, then non-core people could take some 
notes whilst teach themselves things, and so ease that learning curve 
for the next person.  email:

These minidocs could be folded into the mainline docs, or turned into 
FAQ items, or How-To's, or whatever.  I think that this decision, i.e. 
where to file new minidocs, should be the decision of a core doc person.  
it is not up to _me_ to decide whether the thing I'm writing a FAQ or 
a How-To, because (a) I don't have the "big picture", and (b) the doc 
base already is sprawling and needs reorganisation, starting with the 
top-level menus... IMHO.

very simply, I could email this minidoc coördinator asking if (s)he 
has Doc X, for example "Directing servlet output into a Cocoon pipeline 
using Tomcat 4.x Filters".  If such a minidoc does not yet exist, then 
I whip it up; if it does already exist, the minidoc coördinator emails 
it to me for my additions / comments.

there could be a web page of existing minidoc titles.  call it "Pending 
Cocoon Documentation Fragments (WIP)".

this is where that PHP doc system (that someone provided a pointer to) 
seems to excel.  man pages that can be annotated by the community. (hey 
won't someone implement this in Cocoon ?  ;-)  then there should also be 
a person to periodically incorporate the annotations into the main text.  



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