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From Jeremy Quinn <>
Subject [UPDATE] SourceWritingTransformer & Samples
Date Mon, 01 Jul 2002 09:08:12 GMT
Dear All,

The SourceWritingTransformer in HEAD has just been updated 
(along with the samples and tests in scratchpad).

There were two main tags in SWT, source:write and source:insert, 
each of them was configured in a completely different way, this 
update has unified the two tags so that they both follow the 
same scheme:

		<source:fragment><thing to="write"/></source:fragment>

		<source:fragment><thing to="write"/></source:fragment>

This means that you will need to change your projects if you are 
using the source:write tag in your work, as this change is 
backwards incompatible. Sorry for any inconvenience.

Other changes were made:

	both tags now output a report on their activities
	both tags buffer the fragment to a DOM, before writing

Known Problems:

Namespaces are not handled correctly! (NS declaration not 
written to Source)
<source:reinsert/> tag not acting correctly.

Expect more sample editors in <slash-edit/> in the near future.

regards Jeremy

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