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From Jrme Iffrig <>
Subject == I18N question ==
Date Mon, 22 Jul 2002 12:35:50 GMT

I am new with Cocoon, so I am not sure this is the rigth 
channel to ask question, please accept my apology if it is 
I would like to internationalize my Site - NOT the site 
itself, but rather its CONTAINT. e.g. I would like to, let 
say, localise the HELP page of my site in 4 langages and 
rely on Cocoon for the localisation (depending on the 
preferences of the visitor). Which means that on one hand I 
would like to have the XML files for the content in 
different languages (I would like to have one XML file per 
language for administration ease), and on the other hand, I 
would like to have my Cocoon style file. At the end all the 
localised content files would be parsed according to the 
style file to he coherent in the styles with different 
Have anyone of you done this before? I can see tutorials on 
how to create dictionaries and how to replace strings 
(Cocoon official website), but nothing realy clear 
regarding my question.

Thanks for your time.
Boîte aux lettres - Caramail -

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