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From <>
Subject Re: Excel generator
Date Wed, 24 Jul 2002 12:13:10 GMT
> Yeah in short:  Its a Cocoon Serializer.  While I appreciate this
> feedback, I personally have no use cases for the Serializer outside of
> Cocoon.
??? you don't ;-)
the use case is very simple: create a xls-file out of an gnumeric-file. ;-)
don't see any cocoon stuff here. i guess that would be like m$ saying
there is no use case for calculation outside excel.
but ok. i guess i know what you mean.

>This makes it impossible for me to support a non-cocoon version
>of the Serializer.  It would take a motivated individual who knew what
>to do in order to support such a project.  My continued personal
>interest is in generating reports via Cocoon and the HSSF Serializer.
i would like to do that, but since i realy dont have any clue about
the inner workings of cocoon this seems almost impossible for me at the

> Cool!  Would you mind writing up a case study for POI?
i'll see that i'll have time somewhere within the next
3-4 weeks (granted that the custumer oks this).

> I'll look through what Sven did.  My only concern is whether you'll end
> up with Cocoon anyhow as your project scales up.
this might be the case indeed. but at the moment and for the foreseeable
future (3-6 month) this wont happen and so the discussion is a moot one.

> Well one thing I don't recommend is generating the gnumeric format
> directly once you know what you're
> doing.  Meaning come up with an interim format.
this isn't possible either cause the invoice-format is still very
young and there are a lot of changes going on for the next several
months. it is impractical to let those changes be made by programmers.
the people from the billing-dept. should do them but i simply cannot
force them to "programm" a bill in some xml-format. the maximum
i can give them is linux-box with gnumeric installed on it (and even
this is not so simple since this is a windowsshop).

on the otherhand transforming a given gnumeric-file into an stylesheet
is realy no fun and very brittle to do.

> makes it into a Gnumeric workbook.
> >but what i want to do later to is to create a pdf-file instead of an
> >file. i'll be using xsl-fo for that and i see some hard times coming to
> >first create an xsl-fo file out of gnumeric.
> >
> >
> I don't think it has to be if you do as above.
as said before the only practical solution is to get an allready formated
gnumeric-file from the billing-dept.

> You prefer this to the Excel xml format?
havent had a look on xls-xml.

ciao robertj

Robert Kuzelj
Gaissacherstrasse 7           email:
81371 Muenchen                tel:   0177/5302230

the trinity of desirables of (software) architecture:
Firmitas, Utilitas, Venustas (marcus vitruvius 20 BC)
strength, utility, beauty

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