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From "Vadim Gritsenko" <>
Subject RE: [Q] XScript...
Date Mon, 22 Jul 2002 15:50:58 GMT
> From: Per Kreipke []
> A couple of questions about XScript 'language':
> - I can't find much (ok, any) documentation about the history of this
> component. What was/is it's purpose? I like it but it would be nice to
> understand its creators' purposes.

I am no creator, won't comment.

> - the XScriptObjectInlineXML

You meant XScriptObjectFromURL

> object doesn't use a Resolver so it only seems
> to support the http protocol. Is that an oversight or by design?

Xscript wasn't maintained well; I already fixed several issues with it.
This is just one more.

> - this seems similar to the abilities of some of the sunShine code.

Exactly. It overlaps with webapps.session a bit, although it is
different. Session context can be accessed / manipulated in
transformation stage only, while xscript works in generation stage, as

> Does SunShine use XScript (not from my searches)?

No. They are completely independent (atm).

> Is one or the other the
> prefered method for manipulating XML snippets?

I'm thinking on unifying these two approaches; I'd like to make them
share common variable space. Then, it will be two approaches, and
difference will be in a stage - generation vs transformation, same
difference we see in SQLTransformer vs ESQL logicsheet.


> Per

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