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From "Vadim Gritsenko" <>
Subject RE: Java packages
Date Tue, 16 Jul 2002 19:12:38 GMT
> From: Robert Bourdeau []
> > > It's not that these solutions won't work, but they feel awkward
> > > seem a little like hacks. I work in a shop where we have multiple
> > > virtual hosts running on a single server configuration, and within
> > > each virtual host, multiple applications. Further, there are dev,
> > > alpha, beta, and prod configurations of everything, so I expect to
> > > be able to configure my software to allow for the independent
> > > of a Cocoon application from dev to prod without interferring
> > > with any of my other applications (except for changes in the
> > > components, Cocoon, Tomcat, etc.)
> >
> > Every application has WEB-INF directory, thus, it has all the
> > it needs and it does not interfere with other applications.
> >
> > When you upgrade one of the applications, you just replace
> > directory with the version of the new one, replacing all the
> > old application has with new versions. This does not affect any
> > application deployed in the system.
> >
> >
> > So, what's the issue?
> >
> > Vadim
> You're calling Cocoon "the application".

I see your point, but you can either go with approach:

> For me, the


> application is my "Environmental Treaty Information Service", and
> my "Work Flow Management System", and my "Guide to Global Population
> Projections", and my "Collaborative Document Authoring Environment".
> These applications could all be XML applications supported by Cocoon,

by Servlet engine (e.g. Tomcat)

> but in Cocoon they do not get their own WEB-INF directory.

In Tomcat they do get.

> In JSP, they
> do. Now, yes, I could create subdirs in cocoon/WEB-INF/classes or
> separate jars for each in the libs, and have my apps each include
their own.
> I'm still mulling this over, and maybe this is all fine. Still mulling
> over.  In gneral, I'm wanting something as transparent as a an Apache
> or add on Tomcat core classes. Something more transparent than Cocoon
> current seems.

That's was first way, and I guess you know it but don't like it.
Other way is described in Lajos Moczar's letter: have separate

BTW, looks to me that your issue will be addressed by Cocoon blocks.
Search for cocoon blocks discussion on cocoon-dev list.

> Don't get me wrong. I think Cocoon is great. It's really fantastic.
> It's a steep learning curve, but I think it's worth the climb.


> This is a hunt for the right way to configure an environment for
> multiple developers, multiple projects, multiple computers,
> and a staged releases.

Good luck,


> Thanks for your comments!
> --- Bob

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