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From "Spectron International, Inc." <>
Subject Re: No-caching for SVG's
Date Mon, 01 Jul 2002 12:39:43 GMT
I'm using 2.1dev (HEAD?) and the browser is IE and/or Netscape. I'm already
using the <map:pipeline type="noncaching"/>.

This works for the page but not the SVG inside the page. Right now when I
click on a link that will display an SVG it works, but if I click 'Back' and
then click on the same link again it changes the page contents but not the
SVG, I have to click on 'Refresh' to update the graph. Is there a way to
refresh the SVG as well?

I read here, that if I sent an 'Expires' or 'Last modified' header to the
browser, the graph wouldn't be cached by the browser, and that HEAD had the
'Expires' changes. I just want to know how to use Expires or what should I
do to add headers to the response in Cocoon. Should I make a new serializet,
can I use an action?


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From: "Morrison, John" <>
To: <>
Sent: Monday, July 01, 2002 4:50 AM
Subject: RE: No-caching for SVG's

> I think you got drown'd in a thread war, sorry :)
> You don't say what version of Cocoon you are using or what
> browser you are targeting.  The way around this (for the
> latest cvs version of Cocoon) is to wrap anything you don't
> want caching in a
> <map:pipeline type="noncaching"/>
> pipeline.
> Give it a try, it works for me ;)
> J.
> PS, if you reply to replies would you mind trimming excess off :)

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