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From "Vadim Gritsenko" <>
Subject RE: Excel generator ("Vadim Autoresponder please read")
Date Tue, 30 Jul 2002 13:32:05 GMT
> From: news [] On Behalf Of Sven Kuenzler
> Andrew C. Oliver schrieb:
>  >> The real use case I had in mind was the application where I used
>  >> Serializer out of Cocoon. This application produces an Excel sheet
>  >> which is sent out by Email. So it is not direct a response but a
>  >> effect" to the request. In C2 this is called a "sink" (or will

It's not yet decided will sink be or not.

>  > Okay I got that part...but it sounds kind of like an action to me.
> Well, haven't thought of that (yet). My other idea was about the yet
> be  flow script system. Stefano gave an example save2disk() flow that
> would be able to save a resource defined by sitemap to disk (so
> This was in the vision department of his RT, however. So I don't
> this soon to be possible.


>  >> If I wanted to port that app to Cocoon, I thought of using a
>  >> Transformer. Then again, probalby I would not really need a
>  >> WriteableSource for that. IIRC, there is a Transformer which could
>  >> take a Serializer to produce the Excel output.
>  >
>  > Okay so the issue is that you have *two* outputs of sort.  One is
>  > email, one is to the browser.  The Excel is to email and probably
>  > to the browser.
> The other part really is a SOAP response. Which isn't possible with C2
> either.

SOAP is XML, so why "isn't possible"?

> Or at least not as easy as with Axis and friends.
>  > In my mind this doesn't justify *breaking* the logical model of the
>  > sitemap.  It seems you need an Action that makes a seperate
>  > request of sorts and emails the output.  So the action would make a
>  > request to a different pipeline and email that, where the user
>  > would be in HTML.

And with ServerPagesAction it's possible to reuse existing logicsheets.

>  > Does that not sound reasonable?  Any thoughts from you Vadim?

It is reasonable, and doable. But, OTOH, it's easier to do such sings
with "side-effect transformer", like SourceWritingTransformer, on top of
which <slash-edit/> application was built, or XMLDBTransformer (which
can write to XML:DB), etc.

Also, see recent thread on cocoon-dev with links to all previous
discussions, including "cocoon symmetry":

Final decision is not made yet.


>  >>     Sven

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