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From "Hugo Burm" <>
Subject Accessing SunShine context from Java Action
Date Thu, 04 Jul 2002 05:41:58 GMT

Thanks to Carsten Ziegeler, my SunShine autorization and context is working
fine now.
Now I want to access the SunShine context from my own Java handler (an

I looked into the SunShine sources and tried to call the most simpe call
(check whether a SunShine context exists)
Something like this:

import org.apache.cocoon.sunshine.*;
SunShine sSun  = new SunShine();
boolean bSun = sSun.existsContext("survey");

This gives me the exception listed below.
I noticed that the page that triggered the action, has no more a
jsessionid=ABCDXYZ in the URL. So, may be, I lost my Java session. But I
have no idea how the SunShine context is propagated between different pages.
Can someone comment on how the SunShine context is stored and can be
accessed? And what is needed to access it 10 pages later in my (browser)

Hugo Burm


Original exception : java.lang.NullPointerException
at org.apache.cocoon.sunshine.SunShine.getSession(
at org.apache.cocoon.sunshine.SunShine.existsContext(
[ long dump of stack truncated ]

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