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From "Derek Hohls" <>
Subject Cocoon and OpenCMS?
Date Fri, 14 Jun 2002 08:51:05 GMT
a quick question (I know the answer may be more difficult ;-):

what is the relationship - if any - between OpenCMS
and Cocoon - it seems there are some overlaps - yet
perhaps the focus of each is different - and lots of the 
'buzzwords' seem similar - Velocity; Struts; JSP; Tomcat etal

can these systems be 'integrated' - if so, how? and 
what, if any, roles could each play?

i appreciate there is not a *specific* question i am asking here
but CMS is an issue for me at present, and i wondering if
i will have to learn yet-another-package - or can i keep building
on what i have learnt so far?

any thoughts/comment would be welcome


ps - i am especially curious re the role of JSP; OpenCMS
seems to be adopting it only now - yet from a Cocoon 
perspective, might that not be a move backwards??

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