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From Holden Robbins <>
Subject How-To Port Existing Servlets into the Cocoon Framework (fwd)
Date Fri, 14 Jun 2002 01:31:09 GMT

The Cocoon How-To author a How-To page
( suggested 
posting ideas to the cocoon-user list before going forward. 
My recent experience in integrating my existing servlet based site to use
C2 was somewhat hairy to say the least.  I'm somewhat new to the C2
community and probably not the best person to write such a howto.

Is anyone else writing such a howto that I could contribute to?  Did I
miss some major resources that would've made my life easier (besides this
list! :)? 


If anyone is interested, the site I converted to use C2 can be seen at:
The site includes a lot of dynamic content:

 * access control for certain features/content
        For this I'm using the SunRise components.  The documentation for
        handling authentication was tucked away pretty deep.

 * servlets which make heavy use of the context session
        Here I had to figure out how to share the session ids with the
        servlets which were called from the file generators.
        With help from Vadim Gritsenko I finally ended up implementing  
        this using some action code by Franosch, Heike from this list.
        (Thanks Vadim!)

This is basically what I came up with left to my own devices.  I'd be
grateful to hear if anyone knows a better way to do anything mentioned


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