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From "Mark Arnold" <>
Subject Using Cocoon 2 as a Servlet Filter
Date Fri, 14 Jun 2002 17:36:41 GMT

is it possible to pass an InputStream into cocoon rather than a filename of an input file?
I'd like to be able to use cocoon as a filter rather than a servlet, but for that I need it
to take a stream instead of a file.

I would then have the CocoonFilter take the stream (with XML) coming from my servlet and transform
it to whatever file format (HTML,
PDF, RTF,...) I need, just based on an extension in the URL I used to call my original servlet.

It should not be too hard since Cocoon internally has to take the filename and create an InputStream
or a Reader at some point
anyway, I just haven't found the place where it does that yet...

There is a support package that does exactly that for orion, but I would like to do this for
I will try to play with it and see if I can just use it for Tomcat, however, they need Cocoon
1.8 (DOM?) and I want to use version 2
(SAX?) for memory usage reasons, so it's probably not a match anyway...

If you have any idea for that, let me know...



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