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From "Luca Morandini" <>
Subject RE: New Cocoon live site
Date Thu, 20 Jun 2002 07:32:53 GMT

> Quick question - is there any real integration between Cocoon and
> ArcIMS here?

yes, the integration is real, it was done by means of a custom-built
Transformer, which:
1) accepts AXL as input
2) throws it at ArcIMS
3) collects the output (AXL of course) from ArcIMS.

> This is something we are looking at as well and I
> wondered if you could share any more of your experience ?

Yes, but... only provided you help me improve the thing (make some doc, test
it...) and then donate the results to the community :)

Actually, my plans for Cocoon-GIS integration are bigger than that, but
something is better than nothing :|

> PS Seems like quite a few .asp and .jsp extensions on these pages...
> or are those just for show ;-)

Well, only the map app is Cocoon, the rest is a mix of ASP and JSP, since it
is the result of blending two different web-sites.
Anyway, the map window is 100% Cocoon: pure XML and XSL, no XSPs, no EJBs,
no Actions, no Xalan extensions.

Best regards,

               Luca Morandini
               GIS Consultant

               Luca Morandini
               GIS Consultant

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