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From Geoff Howard <>
Subject Best Practice for shared information lookup? Modules?
Date Thu, 06 Jun 2002 15:45:54 GMT
Wasn't sure what to call this.

I have a need to make some shared information available to components.  I'd
want the information cached in memory to cut down on the overhead of reading
it from the filesystem or database.  I'll need it within custom generators
for now, but it'd be a plus to generalize this to others such as actions and
great if the same info could be called in the sitemap.  Because of this I'm
thinking that some component would be best and may already exist.  I've read
up on the new module stuff but can't tell whether it's meant for this use or

We have subsites organized into page-layouts by a separate cms system.  Each
subsite has a default "front page" page-layout id and there are many places
I need to look this up for fallback behavior.  

The information rarely changes, but is stored in the database for use by the
cms and thus the lookup operation is too expensive to just read it each
time.  I thought about using a cached pipeline to hold the information as
xml but that makes accessing it from within other components difficult.

I thought of defining a singleton class with public
getSubsiteID(page-layoutID) methods, etc. but thought there was a more
"cocoon" way of doing this that would make the availibilty more general.

Geoff Howard

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