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From "Brian Topping" <>
Subject Re: Documentation (was: Sitemap: 'cocoon:' protocol)
Date Mon, 03 Jun 2002 16:36:34 GMT
> -----Original Message-----
> From: Diana Shannon []
> Subject: Re: Sitemap: 'cocoon:' protocol
> If you are a definite on contributing, let me know. I'm also 
> interested 
> to know where you think it belongs within the given doc 
> structure.  I'll 
> put your name on a soon-to-be committed list of docs in process so no 
> one else duplicates your efforts.

Cool, I'm definite about contributing.  Until I can get up to speed on the code enough to
do something meaningful in there, I might as well document the places that I got tripped up
on my path.

I'll take a look around.  I still have to get a better understanding of what I am writing
about and what I can improve.  From the feedback that you and Vadim gave about the cocoon:
protocol already being documented, one of the things that could really use improvement is
either a) change highlighting ("check back often" is really onerous) or b) a better organization
of the docs or c) both a and b.  I thought I re-read all the docs since my last foray back
in February, but I guess I missed some.  

It seems to me that we need a with a coplet containing an MRU cache of recently
changed documents.  Someone on Forrest said that anything but statically generated sites were
a no-no, I presume because of the on-call maintenance involved with keeping live sites running
in a volunteer organization.  If you ask me, this requirement to "eat our own dog food" could
go a long way toward making the system more robust.  Cocoon is the only technology in the
XML group that can support a live site, and IMHO, might be the most advanced technology on
the planet right now for publishing.  There's some amount of value to a firsthand understanding
of what it means to run a massive site with the technology, this would provide it.  

yammer yammer yammer.... :)


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