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From "von Schwerdtner, Thomas (GXS, FPI)" <>
Subject Docs on selective builds [Was: production release]
Date Wed, 19 Jun 2002 16:34:23 GMT
> 	Is there any reason why there aren't any "production 
> releases" of cocoon ?
> by this I mean a distribution without samples, hsql,docs, etc ?

AFAIK (being a lurker on the list) there are grand plans[1] to develop a
build system based on "modules" or somesuch...basically allowing you to
build what you want and how and this and that.  From what I have heard it
sounds pretty nifty.  There have been alot of comments on this list about
making the build process simple to customize, but I don't think this is
planned to be available for the next few releases.

> 	I know it's easy to create one, but wouldn't such a 
> release be "a good
> thing" ?

Despite my above statement, does anyone know of any docs on tweaking the
build system to weed out the samples?  For example, I'd like to do some
tweaking with the portal portion of the source (sunSpot) without having to
tweak the code then build Cocoon and then weed out / replace what I need to
in the resulting webapp....I'd like to be able to build it and have the
resulting .war be my webapp without further tweaking....basically, I'm a
touch ignorant when it comes to Ant/Java build systems and maybe its just me
but the build seems failry complex.  I've been hacking away at things but
its slow-moving.....

After re-reading that I sound pretty moronic, but in the off chance that
someone has done this recently and might have some tips (or even a tarball),
I'd appriciate any comments you might have on the subject.


[1] I say "grand plans" because I get the impression that the scale of the
idea will require a fair amount of developemnt other words "dont
hold your breath"...if you need it now you will need to do it yourself.

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