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From Tony Collen>
Subject Re: Giving up! Cocoon too big, slow and confusing -- LONG and BORINGreply
Date Fri, 28 Jun 2002 19:34:31 GMT
Eric Sheffer wrote:

>I never said "It sucks, I quit".  I would love nothing more than to
>see Cocoon succeed.  I'm just trying to point out that there may be 
>problems with the project beyond documentation.  There may be a 
>cultural problem, a direction problem or a communication problem.
>If I was going to quit, I wouldn't be banging my head against the
>wall right now...

Right - sorry, I meant "you" as a general user new to Cocoon - and I 
didn't mean to imply people were bailing left and right - it was more of 
a reference to the original message of this thread started by John Austin.  

Anyway, like I said in a previous message, I'm volunteering for Doc 
duty. I'm sure anyone else is welcome.


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