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From daniel robinson <>
Subject SQL, Actions, ESQL Help Please!!!
Date Mon, 03 Jun 2002 17:11:53 GMT

I've been poking around but I'm clueless (yes, generally as well as

What am I trying to do:

1) I have a PostgreSQL table with a field called "StoryText" defined as
a "Text" (virtually unlmited size text data)
2) I wish to update this table with the contents of an XML element ( say

<StoryText>a lot of text with special characters like ' as well as
html code <a href="">who is this

3) I've tried ESQL like this:


        update "Story" set "Title"= '<xsp-request:get-parameter
                              "Description"= '<xsp-request:get-parameter
                              StoryText"= '<xsp-request:get-parameter
                where "ContentID" = '<xsp-request:get-parameter


There have been many attempts :).  I HAVE been able to update the table
when I use literals and short values for the updates themselves (i.e.
...set "Title"='This is for noobs'....).

My questions:

1) should I be using ESQL or Actions?  There has been some discussion on
the listserve that seems to indicate that Actions are the way to go.
2) do the DatabaseActions work?  there seems to have been a lot of
confusion about this.
3) Does someone have examples - hopefully of exactly the sort of thing
I'm trying to do - Store XML in the db - I'm sure I'm not the first.

I am putting together documentation so that when this is all over I can
SHARE IT, because no-one should have to live through this again.  :)



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