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From "Naquin, Beth" <>
Subject XSP page refresh and re-connect to db each time?
Date Wed, 05 Jun 2002 18:02:12 GMT

I apologize in advance if this is a dumb question ...

I have xsp pages that call a logicsheet, which calls a stored procedure
using esql.  Then those db query results are transformed via xsl stylesheet
to show in the browser.  I have a 'sidebar menu' with links to the xsp

I want the xsp page to 'refresh' each time the user clicks on the sidebar
link, and each time I want it to reconnect to the database and show updated
database information.  I do not want the page to be just shown back in its
previous state, as the data in the database is constantly changing.

This works fine if I click the browser's 'Refresh' button (I see the updated
results), but not if I click the link on my sidebar (just shows the page
again w/ old data).

Any suggestions on how I can make this happen?  In ASP, one could just write
something like 
<% buffer = -1 %> at the top of the page, but I haven't found anything
similar in XSP/Cocoon.

Thanks in advance,

Beth Naquin

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